Scale Faster.

We help early-stage companies solve the right problems, build the right products, and scale in the right markets.

Advisors that take on your pains.

Our expertise in venture-building helps new founders avoid expensive pitfalls in solution-design, market-assessment, and early-marketing.

42% of startups fail because there's no market need for their products. Does anyone care about the problem you're solving?

Get your core team to build the solution that is 10X better than competition. We help scope out the product before you write your first line of code.

At an early stage, you typically won't have money to throw around to acquire customers. We help you growth hack your way to getting more users and building a brand for your product.

We help you set up your measurement and tracking early on, so you know where you business stands and are can be due-diligence ready at any point.

Built for Founders

Hounde advisors work closely with early-stage founders to help them navigate through venture-building. We provide strategic and tactical support to founders in building their business and setting it up for scale.

We help founders assess business opportunities to determine the best outcome--whether you want to be a VC-funded behemoth or a profitable mid-size company.
Building the right product isn't just about design: we help you identify the 10X solution and direct the right resources to help ensure timely launch.
In the early stages, conserving your runway is key. We help determine the right kind of marketing strategies to align with your goals: whether it is risky hockey-stick growth in a short period or sustainable long-term growth.
We help you design the right metrics to track by helping identify the right numbers and setting up tracking infrastructure most relevant to you. As the company scales, we help you keep your core team on track without devolving into chaos.

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